The pinnacle of car care can be achieved through the art of detailing 


Years of experience and indepth knowledge of the

skills required for vehicle perfection guarantees you're in safe hands

Attention to Detail

Specific brushes are used to clean those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring maximum attention to detail, whilst also removing the risk of inflicting any damage during future steps of the detailing process.

Once cleaned, the vehicle will go through several proven decontamination processes, such as a clay bar treatment, bonded contaminant removal and iron fallout removal.


This is how we leave your vehicle looking amazing. 


Machine Polishing

A methodical approach to paintwork correction is carried out to remove any imperfections, such as swirl marks, hazing, oxidation and automatic car wash damage.

Your vehicle will be closely inspected using clever light devices to highlight problem areas. A paint depth gauge will be used to identify the amount of microns left to work with.


The worlds leading polishing compounds are used in conjunction with the finest quality tools.


After perfecting your vehicles' appearance, durable coatings such as waxes and sealants are applied to bodywork and wheels. These not only enhance the finish further, but help achieve a longer-lasting result.

Paint protection in many cases provides a self cleaning ability, meaning your car stays looking cleaner for longer.


Glass will be protected for increased visibility in wet weather, along with any other materials such as rubber, plastic trim and cabriolet roofs.


Finishing Touches

Optional Extras


Additional wax layers can be incorporated for that ultra wet look finish.


An optional interior valet can be included to reflect the vehicles exterior appearance.


Engine bays can be cleaned to a high standard using steam and specialist cleaning agents.


Any of the above extras can be added to a detailing package to ensure the highest level of car care has been achieved.

Enhancement Detail

From £349

Dependant on vehicle size

Time taken 2-5 days

This package includes a single stage machine polish to remove up to 90% of paintwork defects.


This is a cost effective way of significantly improving your vehicles appearance, and is our most popular option!

Correction Detail


Time taken 5-7 days

Maintenance Wash

£25 - £40

Dependant on vehicle size

Time taken 1-2 hours

Every inch of the vehicles paintwork will be machine polished to perfection where possible and refined to a mirror like reflection.


This package is for the most discerning vehicle owner looking for the very best for their vehicle, regardless of the condition it may be in.


The most durable and exclusive products are used as standard within this service. A vehicle inspection is necessary in order to establish and agree the best approach for your vehicle.




Ensuring your vehicle is looked after properly is essential.


After any detailing service on your vehicle, it makes good sense to continue with a bespoke maintenance programme.


A simple trip to the local hand car wash can destroy your vehicles paintwork in seconds...


Shropshire Car Care will help!


A multi-stage wash process can quickly and cost effectively be performed to throroughly clean your vehicle, whilst maintaining the previously applied protection to its highest level.


Recommended every 1-4 weeks.

New Car?

Brand New Vehicle Protection Detail from £395

Time taken 2-3 days

Protect your investment and save money compared to costly dealership offerings on new car paint protection.

Surprisingly, 9 / 10 new vehicles are not in the best condition.


Shropshire Car Care offer a new car protection detail to ensure your new vehicle maintains its new look.


A thorough vehicle inspection will be performed to spot any defects caused in the early life of a particular vehicle.


Paintwork will be machine polished to remove any defects to achieve optimal bonding of the paint protection.


This service is recommended as soon as your new vehicle has been purchased.

Optional Extras

All prices are in conjunction with a detailing package and are not priced separately


Ceramic Paint Coating from £85

Engine Bay £15

Additional Wax Layer £10

Chassis/Undercarriage Cleaning £15

Interior Valet from £35

Soft Top/Cabriolet Roof Clean and Protect from £85

Leather Upholstery Clean and Feed £15

Leather Restoration £POA


Shropshire Car Care